What to expect from Rapport Leadership Training

We get asked this question a lot! The outcomes from each of Rapport Leadership Training courses are very different. People are different and so is each class.

Each month – Rapport Leadership send a survey to class attendees. Here is what they had to say …

Rapport Leadership International transformed the way I view life. Life is no longer a race to suffer through, but a journey to experience, enjoy, an excel in. I want to live each day to the best of my ability, and empower others to do the same. I wish I had discovered the Rapport way in high school! JFDI!

First and foremost, this experience is having some great impact on my family already in the first couple of days of being back home.  I learned that I’m far away from been a great leader, but I learned a new set of tools which will help me move in that direction.  My team at work will see change on my approach and commitment to make them the next leaders, but my family will see the best benefits, as I will have a better life balance to enjoy life and spend more quality time.  I also will work on new friendships; for many years my work dedication has not allow me to keep in touch or have a social life. Bottom line is that I’m the one who has not allowed me to give love to others.  I’m committed to this new style, and I will utilize my 2546A family to accomplish this new goals.

Very eye opening and outstanding.  Helps put people lives back on track that they didn’t even know were off track.  Great self-realization courses.

This was a life changing experience.  I am a changed person and ready to concur my roadblocks.

Rapport Leadership International has transformed me.  The courses, the leaders, the co-leaders, the whole process, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and now that I have experienced that feeling, I always want to push myself to do the things I have always been afraid to do.  I have gone through a metamorphosis.  I went from being this little caterpillar that went into a cocoon and stayed there for 18 years!! Thanks to Leadership Breakthrough One, I exploded out of my cocoon with the confidence, passion, focus, enthusiasm, courage and the determination to never go back to that cocoon! Thank you!

It was a really good experience that will help me a lot in my life

Our trainer was amazing it open up so much they taught from the heart I will be a better listener and a better dad and husband

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