Dream a little dream of me …


When you are facing uncertainty or indecision – it is important to have a plan for our lives: to keep the dream and to look to the future.

Too often when we are faced with challenges we become indecisive; we are not able to envision where we will be tomorrow, let alone five or ten years from now. We end up sitting back, becoming complacent, and thinking that someone else will “fix” everything that is going wrong.

Yet, we have the choice to change that thought process so we may become part of the solution. We can begin to focus and dream again about all the possibilities.

In her book, The Soul of Money, Lynne Twist states it very eloquently: “A dream is a catalyst for change, first in the dreamer, and again and again in the dream shared.” With that thought, why wouldn’t we dream, why wouldn’t we look forward to the future, planning our lives to be what we want them to be? Studies show that successful people remember to dream, to make plans, and to set clear goals with a plan to achieve them.

As adults we get often get to the point where we stop dreaming or we may even forget how to dream. We become disappointed by life experiences that weren’t successful and we decide we aren’t going to dream about what could be anymore. We end up lowering the bar for ourselves and for our lives; we don’t know what we want, so what we get in return is nothing. We find ourselves in a rut, walking that safe line until the day we die.

One of the big objectives students get to work on in Rapport’s Power Communication and Life Mastery courses is identifying exactly what they want. A big “aha” moment for students of these course is when I share the insight that “either you will create your life or someone else will create it for you.” Why would I want someone else to dream for me and create the life I choose to live? I want to be the dreamer and the creator of my life; I want to choose the matters that are important to me and the people I want to be in my life.

The power of getting back in touch with our dreams is stated clearly by John C. Maxwell in his book, Put Your Dream to the Test. He offers this definition: “a dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will, and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it.” When I read that definition I thought to myself, I know this! Whenever I take the time to dream and create the life I want now and in the future, everything just falls into place. I do create the life I choose to live. That is when I get passionate and enthusiastic about where I am in my life, regardless of what is going on around me.

In Rapport’s Leadership Breakthrough One course, the “3 Questions of a Leader” are covered and participants are encouraged to look at these questions often. The first question is “Where am I now?” It is essential that we are conscious, that we pay attention to where we are right now in all areas of our lives. Am I living all the areas of my life the way I want to, or are there elements being left out. Without answering this question, we can’t, or won’t, be able to answer the next two questions. The second question, “Where am I going?” involves having the opportunity to dream and create, waving that magic wand and knowing what we want our ultimate lifestyle to be. This focus gives us a chance to make sure we address all areas of our lives and that our lives are balanced. Once we know what our dreams are and what our ultimate desired lifestyle is, we then move to the final question. That question, “What will it take to get there and how long?” directs us to create the action plan, the specific steps we will take to bring our dreams to life, to live them, and to create the future we want. Rapport Leadership’s Life Mastery gives you the opportunity to spend time answering all these questions.

As Wayne Dyer states in his book, The Power of Intention, “Your imagination creates the inner picture that allows you to participate in the act of creation.” Imagine spending two and a half days answering these three questions, dreaming, and creating your ultimate lifestyle.

When I make the choice to get conscious in my daily life, to be in the now moment, this is when I make the choice to move forward and begin taking responsibility and saying “Yes, I am the one who created that.” This is when my passion and enthusiasm for my life allows me to create my path, to create my plan, and to be excited about looking to the future. In the words of Sir Laurence Olivier in an excerpt from the play, Time, “If you truly want to change your world, my friends, you must change your thinking.”

Change your thinking! What possibilities are waiting out there for all of us right now? What action will you take to make them happen?