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Rapport Trained CompanyReviews of Rapport Leadership International’s classes.

Below are honest, unedited reviews from actual graduates of Rapport Leadership classes.

Here is what they have to say about the course itself.


I know that having maximum scores   doesn’t necessarily give feedback, in the very rare occasion as is with this   course Nothing needs to change. It was fantastic in every aspect including   the long days, thank you for condensing this and not spreading it out makes a   big different mentally and physically for the bonding of our team.
I was not completely sure what to   expect out of Rapport Leadership’s Eagle Quest.  Having completed the other courses for   Master Grad, I couldn’t imagine what could be next.  I felt some ‘overtones’ from the previous   sessions and for me, it simply built on those learnings.
Excellent course – challenging   -both physically and mentally. Excellent instructor
Amazing…. Mind blowing….   Empowering…. Life changing…. Just the kick in the ass I needed to push me   to my next level of awesomeness. The course have me a new set of balls. Thank   you: D
All three of the classes I have   taken have been amazing for different reasons.
This Rapport Leadership course was   great. We discussed a lot of team concepts and issues and the activities are   outstanding.  I learned a lot that I   can apply on the job.
There is not any part of this   course that I did not learn something from.
During class it was hard to place   the relevance sometimes.  Having   finished the class, I now know that it was all relevant and necessary.
The content can only be what you   make of it. I realized about half way through the course that I was actually   there to make a bigger difference in my personal life rather than my   professional life.
Most challenging, and rewarding   thing I have ever done. It absolutely changed my life for the better. Thank   you!
At first I was unsure about this   course, but as it got more in depth I really grasp an understanding.
While I understand that the speaking   at the top of our lungs is about getting out of our comfort zone and   projecting I don’t find it to be very applicable to everyday life because it   would turn more people off then it would ever bring in if I were to do it at   work. In addition, it left me with a pretty bad headache. Outside of that   fact, the class was great! I was forced to break down walls and take steps   forward that I have needed to take for a long time. Excellent course.
Amazing experience!
Incredible, life changing   experience!
Relevant, informative and useful.
The course content covers every   aspect of life. If you are looking from a professional stance, it isn’t long   before the trainer focuses your attention on the bigger picture. Where else   in your life is this behavior showing up? It is a very powerful concept.
Tough courses, but very helpful   and moving!
Some modules were more impactful   than others. Some had more interaction than others. In the end, it all came   together.
The course is well designed for   business and personal growth.
Where did you find such awesome   people?
Have been to similar training   quite some time ago and will recommend this class most definitely.  The challenge with previous training was   the hard sell at the end.
Every process was poignant and   appropriate.
The course covered an amazing   amount of material in a short period of time.
Had to dig to figure out what I   really wanted to get from the class.    This was good for me.
I was not sure why our public   speaking was in screaming style projection. However it did help me overcome   another fear that is what people think of me. The breadth of the course the   only thing I can say is everything was needed in order to reach my goal and   the goals of my team members. Quality – outstanding
What a life changing experience   for me!  I wouldn’t change a thing!!
It was the most powerful training   I have ever had.
This was so much more than a   leadership training for me this was life changing.  It made me dig deep and I feel free.
Very inspiring and motivational.   Was the best training I have ever been to. Was spiritual and enlightening.   Don’t change a thing.
I am amazed how the course was   able to tap into my personal life.  The   experience (course) has given me the tools I needed to be confident and clear   in my role as ME, as a Parent and my management style.
Never been through anything like   it.
I heard from some coworkers that   the bus ride had teambuilding activities on it, but I didn’t have any   activities on the bus other than the pretending it was a roller-coaster. I   felt as though I missed out on an opportunity to build the relationships with   my team as some of my coworkers did.
Unbelievable journey… I wish I   had taken this 20 years ago!
I enjoyed the LB1 course and our   Instructor very much.
The course content was challenging,   and engaging.
Now with the opportunity to look   back on the course content, the “process” makes sense and is   effective.
Didn’t care for the teaching   style.
It is all very pertinent   information I will use in my daily life.
I need some time to think about   this one…. :) I think it’s perfect the way it is.
The process is designed and very   effective at taking people out of their comfort zone.  The diversity of folks in class ranging from   line personnel to executives adds another dimension to the experience.
The course was the best I have   experience.
I was very pleased with the   content of the course and the information that I have in the workbook.  I intend on continuing to use the information   as a reference while I continue to become a Powerful Magnificent   Communicator.
The topics covered and the time   spent on each, was very well planned and carried out. I understand the intent   of not sharing the “agenda” with us prior to the course, however I   would love to see it in retrospect.  I   believe it would help me to recall and anchor the lessons I learned.  The booklet is a similar tool, but I just wish   I would have written down, or had a record of what activities or discussions   we were having at a certain time.
I’m the only sales rep in the   company and the course was more geared toward managers,
The course content was right on   target.  I now see that Leadership   skills are best taught when you are actually challenged to practice what has   been discussed. It’s what resonates with you the most.  I know that I will never look at Leadership   training the same.
Lots of nuggets of revelation   about myself and good info to use for my job and my life.
The course content went above my   expectations.
Greatest accomplishment of my life   after marriage and parenthood.
I did not like the sales pitch at   the end…I understand it is a business, but it seem to make it feel more   business like then personal which is what I was feeling up until that point.
Walked away with such more than   expected.Rapport Trained Company 2
The course content was very   interesting, exciting and challenging. It was awesome!

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