Rapport Leadership Reviews

Graduates of Rapport Leadership share their views about the experience of attending a Rapport Leadership class.

Rapport Leadership International’s Leadership Breakthrough One was the closest thing to a religious experience I could have with NO religion being involved at all! It is very spiritual, motivational, inspiring and overwhelmingly amazing. This course challenged me more than any other coarse I have ever taken and pushed me, not TO my limit, but to “break through” what I THOUGHT were my limits to help me realize my potential. As you can imagine, that is not the “easiest” thing to do, but it is oh so rewarding! This is by far the greatest gift I have ever been given by an employer in my life.

Where do I start? Prior to attending this class it was nerve racking to get in front of people outside of my normal meetings. Anytime that I would I would begin to lose my train of thought and get off of the subject. I also learned that I need to be having a lot more fun with my family and that I didn’t need to be so serious all of the time. That I could still be stern and have a good time. I also learned that the confidence that I had was more like being cocky instead. I also learned that it take more individuals that one person to make a team and that everyone’s opinion matters and should be addressed.

Rapport Leadership’s LB1 was a great experience. I feel I learned a lot about myself and the difference between making my life happen vs. it coming to me. The only downside is the first evening was so intense it was difficult to relax and “just go with it” for the rest of the modules. The staff is SO friendly and the food is great. The trainers are wonderful

I would compare Leadership Breakthrough One to therapy. In less than 24 hours, I had to face ALL my fears. I formed a bond with my team that I did not think was possible. I am more confident, I believe in myself, I can convey my messages better, and I learned the importance of family and coworkers, as they are my real world team. Thank you.

I have always viewed myself as a very effective leader, but after attending this course I now realize how much more I have to offer to my team and family. I look forward to applying to tools I have gained here and watching the personal and professional growth ahead. Thank you.

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