Rapport Leadership International Reviews

Here is what a few of our graduates have to say about attending a Rapport Leadership class.

Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough One is a great experience for anybody looking to improve his/her personal and/or professional life.

I was so impressed with every aspect of the whole program

I have attended many leadership courses in my career.  Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough One was by far the most impactful.  A prerequisite to personal growth and behavioral change is acknowledging ones true self.  Through the process, I identified my strengths, my weaknesses and the universal qualities of leadership.  Outstanding class and I am looking forward to Rapport Leadership’s LB2!

For me the Rapport Leadership Training provided me with an opportunity to grow as an individual and as a Leader.   The support and safe environment was a key factor in my success in graduating.  At the end of the training I felt a 100 lbs. lighter by breaking through one of the areas that I struggled with “Self Worth”.   This has been an ongoing battle my entire life and I know finally that I made great progress by going through this training and I am really excited about the work I will do to continue to do to grow, learn more skills, work on other areas in my life that are holding me back, and be the Leader that is inside of me.   Thank You!!

This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

Rapport Leadership International has given me some amazing tools.  I am a better leader because of these trainings.  I am a better wife and mother as well.  My family, co-workers and team members benefit greatly from my experience.  Most importantly, I do as well.

In September 2012 I completed Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough One - this was the best experience of my life.  I learned so much about myself and have applied what I learned as an everyday routine.  Rapport Leadership has assisted me in my journey and has opened many doors of opportunity in both my personal life and career.   In August 2013 I completed Power Communication. PC was an interesting course.  I learned so much and will utilize everything I’ve learned.   I have been on-team once and am scheduled to go on-team two more times in the next two months.  The on-team experience is wonderful.  It’s almost like I went through Leadership Breakthrough One all over again however this time I saw it from a different perspective.  I enjoy the on-team experience and will continue volunteering my time.

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