Rapport Graduate Reviews

At the end of every course, Rapport Leadership Survey’s its graduates and asks for a testimonial about their experience.

Here are some candid reviews about Rapport Leadership Courses from graduates in August and September 2013.

I went to Rapport Leadership International’s training expecting to have an increase in confidence. I couldn’t have been more off. The three days spent training changed my entire life. I learned so much about myself, work ethics, family life, and the balance of all these. My confidence level is off the charts, public speaking conquered, and my work and home life on a new track. I now can empower others to get out of their comfort zones and step up to another level.  -Thank you

Rapport Leadership training is an amazing experience where you have the opportunity to push yourself to full potential – and feel inspired to “go the distance” both in professionally and personally.  I believe that everyone comes into Rapport Leadership for different reasons and from many walks of life. We enter into our commitment to training with a passion for change – we test ourselves to overcome very different and challenging processes and it is with an open heart and mind we leave training with a passionate and inspired belief in change, reborn in seeking all possibilities life has to offer.  Without Fear….  Rapport Leadership is forever imprinted on my heart, my life and my family – and it is an AWESOME experience, unlike any other.  My experiences during my last 4 classes at Rapport Leadership International – drive me to wonder – if I would step up to be a Rapport Trainer one day – leading those who need inspiration in their lives.

Rapport Leadership International is a very successful organization. It’s a life changer. I took Leadership Breakthrough 1 and it was exactly what I needed. The right shift in my life to make me one amazing mother and business owner. After attending my first course, I now plan to attend more and take this gift someone has given me and just run with it. I have made long time lasting friends. The people at Rapport Leadership International have heart and soul. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

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