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Leadership Breakthrough One

Unleash the potential and see the endless possibilities in your life.

What you’ll learn …

  • Teamwork – how to use personal strengths to overcome weaknesses
  • Focus – create a clear vision and how to align others to your vision
  • Taking Action – take you vision and have the courage to move forward
  • Passion & Enthusiasm – live energetically so you can inspire others to do the same
  • Accountability – how to create an open dialogue
  • Self-awareness – identify who you are, how you are perceived by others
  • Values & Mission – get clarity on what matters to you and where you want to make a difference
  • Self-confidence – ridding yourself of what is holding you back from reaching your highest potential

Graduates of this two and a half day course discover they now have a heightened ability to focus and concentrate on what is important in their life. You will find you have more passion, more enthusiasm and clarity on what is important and what matters.

You will learn skills around communication and team work. You will be more confident in your own abilities as well as the abilities of those around you.

Leadership Breakthrough Two

Power Communication

Life Mastery

Eagle Quest