Honest reviews from students at Rapport Leadership

Rapport Leadership lit a fire under me that was missing for a long time.  My focus will change to what I will do and achieve.  My heart will be open.  My life will be more fulfilled.

I was changed when I attended Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough One , seeing how far I grew.  So coming into LEADERSHIP BREAKTHROUGH TWO, I was prepared to grow, but curious how we could grow much more in this area.  I was so not prepared to grow exponentially.  This is by far the greatest training I have ever been a part of.  I enjoy the real life application and ability to focus on how you work well with other people by first understanding yourself.  It is an experience I intend on giving to my children, so they can use these gifts for the rest of their lives.  I cannot thank Rapport enough for this unique and outstanding training.

Integrating insight into personal self-limitations with professional leadership characteristic focus was the most useful element of this impactful approach to leadership facilitation. I have seen and will use the insight into myself to defeat my blockages to reach my potential.

The hardest most challenging thing I have ever done, and yet the most rewarding and life-changing experience of my life. I loved Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough 1 and I cannot wait to come back for more courses! It has truly made me more confident, decisive, PUNCTUAL, positive, etc., and I am thrilled to have these tools to use for the rest of my life! Living my life as the better, new and improved ME! Thanks so much for everything!

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