Disengaged … Disconnected … Unaware


Leading a business in today’s economy takes more than just forecasting numbers, budgeting, setting goals and developing a long-range plan. It requires an understanding of the significance and integrity of the business and the people who make up the organization. The current economic climate will test the stability of many companies more than ever before. Businesses that understand the value of all the people it interfaces with are the most successful. Businesses that allow fear to dictate decisions are disengaged, disconnected and unaware, and are more susceptible to failure.

Disengaged – When a business is disengaged it is disconnected from its customers, clients and vendors. It is essential that business leaders are proactive in reaching out to client, customer and vendor bases, and that they establish a mutually beneficial partnership to see what can be done to help each other weather any challenges. Personal communication, feedback, support and guidance are critical when fostering long-term relationships with businesses and establishing trust.

Disconnected – A business operating in survival mode can become disconnected from its employees. It is important more now than ever before to connect with the members of the team. Solicit honest feedback and in return be direct with them on where the company stands and where it is headed in the future. An open dialogue of honest communication creates trust in the workplace and allows employees to feel supported and remain focused on their jobs and the company’s future success.

Unaware – A business will miss out on opportunities when it is operating from fear and is unaware of new possibilities when they present themselves. The reality of today’s economy is that some businesses will be unable to weather the storm and only the strong will emerge. Businesses that take this opportunity to focus on customer service and connect with their employees will not only survive, they have the opportunity to dominate in their industries.

At Rapport Leadership International, one of our favorite quotes about leadership came from John Quincy Adams. He said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” When he said this quote, John Quincy Adams was speaking of the types of leaders who are engaged, connected and aware and lead from integrity. And these are leaders who have a complete understanding of the significance of their business and value the people.

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