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Rapport Trained CompanyReviews of Rapport Leadership International’s classes.

Below are honest, unedited reviews from actual graduates of Rapport Leadership classes.

Here is what they have to say about the course itself.


I know that having maximum scores   doesn’t necessarily give feedback, in the very rare occasion as is with this   course Nothing needs to change. It was fantastic in every aspect including   the long days, thank you for condensing this and not spreading it out makes a   big different mentally and physically for the bonding of our team.
I was not completely sure what to   expect out of Rapport Leadership’s Eagle Quest.  Having completed the other courses for   Master Grad, I couldn’t imagine what could be next.  I felt some ‘overtones’ from the previous   sessions and for me, it simply built on those learnings.
Excellent course – challenging   -both physically and mentally. Excellent instructor
Amazing…. Mind blowing….   Empowering…. Life changing…. Just the kick in the ass I needed to push me   to my next level of awesomeness. The course have me a new set of balls. Thank   you: D
All three of the classes I have   taken have been amazing for different reasons.
This Rapport Leadership course was   great. We discussed a lot of team concepts and issues and the activities are   outstanding.  I learned a lot that I   can apply on the job.
There is not any part of this   course that I did not learn something from.
During class it was hard to place   the relevance sometimes.  Having   finished the class, I now know that it was all relevant and necessary.
The content can only be what you   make of it. I realized about half way through the course that I was actually   there to make a bigger difference in my personal life rather than my   professional life.
Most challenging, and rewarding   thing I have ever done. It absolutely changed my life for the better. Thank   you!
At first I was unsure about this   course, but as it got more in depth I really grasp an understanding.
While I understand that the speaking   at the top of our lungs is about getting out of our comfort zone and   projecting I don’t find it to be very applicable to everyday life because it   would turn more people off then it would ever bring in if I were to do it at   work. In addition, it left me with a pretty bad headache. Outside of that   fact, the class was great! I was forced to break down walls and take steps   forward that I have needed to take for a long time. Excellent course.
Amazing experience!
Incredible, life changing   experience!
Relevant, informative and useful.
The course content covers every   aspect of life. If you are looking from a professional stance, it isn’t long   before the trainer focuses your attention on the bigger picture. Where else   in your life is this behavior showing up? It is a very powerful concept.
Tough courses, but very helpful   and moving!
Some modules were more impactful   than others. Some had more interaction than others. In the end, it all came   together.
The course is well designed for   business and personal growth.
Where did you find such awesome   people?
Have been to similar training   quite some time ago and will recommend this class most definitely.  The challenge with previous training was   the hard sell at the end.
Every process was poignant and   appropriate.
The course covered an amazing   amount of material in a short period of time.
Had to dig to figure out what I   really wanted to get from the class.    This was good for me.
I was not sure why our public   speaking was in screaming style projection. However it did help me overcome   another fear that is what people think of me. The breadth of the course the   only thing I can say is everything was needed in order to reach my goal and   the goals of my team members. Quality – outstanding
What a life changing experience   for me!  I wouldn’t change a thing!!
It was the most powerful training   I have ever had.
This was so much more than a   leadership training for me this was life changing.  It made me dig deep and I feel free.
Very inspiring and motivational.   Was the best training I have ever been to. Was spiritual and enlightening.   Don’t change a thing.
I am amazed how the course was   able to tap into my personal life.  The   experience (course) has given me the tools I needed to be confident and clear   in my role as ME, as a Parent and my management style.
Never been through anything like   it.
I heard from some coworkers that   the bus ride had teambuilding activities on it, but I didn’t have any   activities on the bus other than the pretending it was a roller-coaster. I   felt as though I missed out on an opportunity to build the relationships with   my team as some of my coworkers did.
Unbelievable journey… I wish I   had taken this 20 years ago!
I enjoyed the LB1 course and our   Instructor very much.
The course content was challenging,   and engaging.
Now with the opportunity to look   back on the course content, the “process” makes sense and is   effective.
Didn’t care for the teaching   style.
It is all very pertinent   information I will use in my daily life.
I need some time to think about   this one…. :) I think it’s perfect the way it is.
The process is designed and very   effective at taking people out of their comfort zone.  The diversity of folks in class ranging from   line personnel to executives adds another dimension to the experience.
The course was the best I have   experience.
I was very pleased with the   content of the course and the information that I have in the workbook.  I intend on continuing to use the information   as a reference while I continue to become a Powerful Magnificent   Communicator.
The topics covered and the time   spent on each, was very well planned and carried out. I understand the intent   of not sharing the “agenda” with us prior to the course, however I   would love to see it in retrospect.  I   believe it would help me to recall and anchor the lessons I learned.  The booklet is a similar tool, but I just wish   I would have written down, or had a record of what activities or discussions   we were having at a certain time.
I’m the only sales rep in the   company and the course was more geared toward managers,
The course content was right on   target.  I now see that Leadership   skills are best taught when you are actually challenged to practice what has   been discussed. It’s what resonates with you the most.  I know that I will never look at Leadership   training the same.
Lots of nuggets of revelation   about myself and good info to use for my job and my life.
The course content went above my   expectations.
Greatest accomplishment of my life   after marriage and parenthood.
I did not like the sales pitch at   the end…I understand it is a business, but it seem to make it feel more   business like then personal which is what I was feeling up until that point.
Walked away with such more than   expected.Rapport Trained Company 2
The course content was very   interesting, exciting and challenging. It was awesome!

Rapport Leadership Retreat in Alamo, NV

What do people say when they stay at the Rapport Executive Retreat in Alamo, Nevada.

The facility has   chosen to pass it’s self. I was very impressed with the sleeping quarters and property in Alamo. Far surpassed my expectations.
This is my fourth visit to the Retreat   and it is amazing every time. Clean and well maintained.  The staff are always welcoming and accommodating.  The food, everyone knows… is FABULOUS!
Staff very friendly and accommodating
Excellent facility – only thing I was bothersome was: - the room was warm at night – fan would have been great (on the top bunk) - beds were great (regardless of bunk - mattress fantastic – after long day – newer pillow would be great.
Just a small suggestion…. Fluffier pillows…. They were pretty flat
Very high quality food and service. The bunk situation wasn’t great, but worked out well enough.
If on the top bunk, much smaller and   harder to get in and out.  Not   comfortable
It is amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing.
I feel the pillows could be better as well as beds
Beautiful ranch. I always enjoy the scenery. Everything is very clean and the staff do a wonderful job.
Unbelievable!  They encouraged and made you feel completely at home!
The food was served hot by the staff but due to announcements, cheers, and waiting for the team to sit and eat together the food was eaten cold.  This was not the staffs fault, but perhaps a different structure could be considered to allow the tired students to fully enjoy the wonderful food that was made and served with love.
the facility was literally a desert oasis!
They all did  a great job.  As a hospitality professional I was very impressed!
Absolutely wonderful! Both the facility and the staff were fantastic (and the food, of course). I couldn’t have asked for anything more!
Great Scenery
Everyone was unbelievable!!
need tv for college football
I felt so happy around everyone there. Awesome staff!
The accommodations obviously aren’t very comfortable, but it seems as if that is an important part of the experience so it difficult to rate them on a 1-10 scale.
Beautiful surroundings.
They live up to the Rapport way…
Great Job.
The facilities are fine.  A 9 because it was my turn for the top bunk!
Beautiful facility but the bunk bed set   up left us restless and tired which made it difficult to focus.
This staff and facility are excellent. They do their best to make us feel at home from the moment we arrive. The rooms are clean and inviting. The staff is always encouraging and pleasant. I love being there!
overall, very nice facility. Although I understand the point of having cozy environment, the showers can be a bit specious.  Some of us are bigger than average. that’s all.
Beautiful place to have this training.  I feel in love with it from   the minute the bus drove into the driveway.  Meeting the staff was the icing to this heavenly place.
I can’t say enough good things about it   – honestly! I miss the staff (and the food) already!
The staff was excellent. Food was tremendous. Great Job by ALL!
The food was wonderful, but I wish I had more time to eat it while it was hot. I was too busy clapping during the staff’s presentations. Some staff were more enthusiastic than others, but most made me feel very welcomed. I’m sorry I do not remember her name, but the hostess at dinner with dark hair, she is so kind and supportive – always with a smile.  The lodge is spectacular! I had fun with my roommates. However, it was tight in the shower. The shower door opened the opposite direction from the door. The water temperature was difficult to control. It was either super hot or cold.   All in all, a great facility.
I am sure there are reasons for the bunk beds in helping to build the team, but I found them to be uncomfortable and was not able to get a good rest.
The environment was well suited for the experiential learning process.  Allowed   FOCUS.
The chairs could have been more padded.
The food was good, great, extremely tasty.  I believe it was over the   top.  For this training I did not need a master chef cooking for me.  Most of the people were so nervous that they did not eat as much as they usually do.  On the other hand, I did ask what   they do with the left overs and I was told that the left overs are given to a senior citizen home.  I was very grateful that was happening and they weren’t being thrown away.  A suggestion, pending the course and timeline would for the kitchen to provide a cook out BBQ.
I loved the grounds.  The ponds and fields were beautiful. If the bed spreads were replaced the rooms would look brighter and newer.
Staff were extremely friendly and helpful.
The chairs were the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in. Other then that everything else was AMAZING
Nice facility, beautiful setting, nice layout.  The shower heads are horrible!  :)
Fantastic Facility Absolutely best staff you could ask for while at training Food was Great just like TEAM 2528 WE R GREAT!!!!! LOL
Peaceful setting, delightful people!
Awesome – All very professional:)::)
The bunk bed was a little scary the first night. I was a little nervous not sure if I would roll over and fall off. Had them growing up and I was on the bottom bunk because I use to sleep walk. But things worked out just fine. It might of even helped me over come another fear.
The facility was in a great location   where it remained peaceful.
Everything was great!  Staff couldn’t have been more accommodating and friendly.  Food was first class.
They were amazing.  I have not received this level of service   ever in my life.  Their hospitality became part of the training itself and a tremendous source of support.
Each and every staff there is superb.
Facility made me feel comfortable and welcome.
The bed and tight quarters were the reason for the eight but it does fit the process.
The facility had all the basics that I need, the only reason I rated it lower was because I found it to be very hot   in the lounge and in the upstairs loft.  I also prefer to have WIFI, this would have helped me connect with my family while I was away.
Staff is fantastic!!! Food … wish I had time to eat more!!!
Great staff!  Meals were very good balanced and lots of   selections. Made the rigors of the training more pleasant.
not a fan of bunk beds
The faculty and staff were outstanding!
Everything about the facility was first rate.
Did not like having roommates.
couldn’t get my dang soap to quit falling off the shelf in the shower, not bad if that’s all I noticed. you guys are awesome!!!
Staff went ABOVE and BEYOND to making this one of the most AMAZING experiences!!!!Everyone showed HUGE support. They truly made a difference
Excellent !!!
Room rate was expensive.
The grounds and lodge in general are just excellent!
A few non-pork meat option for breakfast would be great!  Otherwise the food was   very good. The staff was outstanding! Thank you!
Rapport Retreat was amazing. Very friendly staff and food was wonderful
It was a beautiful facility. What I liked most was the amazing staff.  They were wonderful and encouraging.
Beautiful place and I felt loved and cared for by the staff.
Best staff!!!  So supportive and kind.  I want to adopt Susie as my grandmother.   Food was excellent – quality, variety etc. Sleeping rooms very clean; beds were comfortable, nice towels.  Open spaces well furnished and clean.  My #7 rating had to due with the exterior   staircases.  Both seem to need attention.  Felt wobbly and unsecure which could lead to unsafe
Incredible food and awesome presentation. The staff made me feel very comfortable.
The Rapport Leadership Institute facility was kept clean throughout my stay. The staff was very friendly, caring, and eager to take care of all our needs.
In the shower room, it would be good to have a place to hang your clothes instead of using the towel bars or floor. Suggest a door hook.
You can do better!
An amazing group of people!


Rapport Leadership Graduates

Survey reviews from Rapport Leadership Graduates from July 2013 – August 2013.

I recently completed the Breakthrough One Rapport Leadership Course.  Before attending the course I was skeptical that I would be able to recognize results in such a short period of time. I am delighted to say that I am more confident at work and have significantly improved my communication skills.  The world seems like a less intimidating place. Thank you

The training was very impactful.  I learned so much about myself and about my life choses.  Some these lessons were good and some were bad, however understanding both allowed me to push myself to the next level of leadership.

The most powerful and profound leadership training I have ever experienced.

I got to know myself again and realized that I was all bottled up inside from life and medical issues great to release all these feelings and be myself and know that nothing can hold me back in life. Thank you

Rapport Leadership International Reviews

Here is what a few of our graduates have to say about attending a Rapport Leadership class.

Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough One is a great experience for anybody looking to improve his/her personal and/or professional life.

I was so impressed with every aspect of the whole program

I have attended many leadership courses in my career.  Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough One was by far the most impactful.  A prerequisite to personal growth and behavioral change is acknowledging ones true self.  Through the process, I identified my strengths, my weaknesses and the universal qualities of leadership.  Outstanding class and I am looking forward to Rapport Leadership’s LB2!

For me the Rapport Leadership Training provided me with an opportunity to grow as an individual and as a Leader.   The support and safe environment was a key factor in my success in graduating.  At the end of the training I felt a 100 lbs. lighter by breaking through one of the areas that I struggled with “Self Worth”.   This has been an ongoing battle my entire life and I know finally that I made great progress by going through this training and I am really excited about the work I will do to continue to do to grow, learn more skills, work on other areas in my life that are holding me back, and be the Leader that is inside of me.   Thank You!!

This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

Rapport Leadership International has given me some amazing tools.  I am a better leader because of these trainings.  I am a better wife and mother as well.  My family, co-workers and team members benefit greatly from my experience.  Most importantly, I do as well.

In September 2012 I completed Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough One - this was the best experience of my life.  I learned so much about myself and have applied what I learned as an everyday routine.  Rapport Leadership has assisted me in my journey and has opened many doors of opportunity in both my personal life and career.   In August 2013 I completed Power Communication. PC was an interesting course.  I learned so much and will utilize everything I’ve learned.   I have been on-team once and am scheduled to go on-team two more times in the next two months.  The on-team experience is wonderful.  It’s almost like I went through Leadership Breakthrough One all over again however this time I saw it from a different perspective.  I enjoy the on-team experience and will continue volunteering my time.

Rapport Leadership Reviews

Graduates of Rapport Leadership share their views about the experience of attending a Rapport Leadership class.

Rapport Leadership International’s Leadership Breakthrough One was the closest thing to a religious experience I could have with NO religion being involved at all! It is very spiritual, motivational, inspiring and overwhelmingly amazing. This course challenged me more than any other coarse I have ever taken and pushed me, not TO my limit, but to “break through” what I THOUGHT were my limits to help me realize my potential. As you can imagine, that is not the “easiest” thing to do, but it is oh so rewarding! This is by far the greatest gift I have ever been given by an employer in my life.

Where do I start? Prior to attending this class it was nerve racking to get in front of people outside of my normal meetings. Anytime that I would I would begin to lose my train of thought and get off of the subject. I also learned that I need to be having a lot more fun with my family and that I didn’t need to be so serious all of the time. That I could still be stern and have a good time. I also learned that the confidence that I had was more like being cocky instead. I also learned that it take more individuals that one person to make a team and that everyone’s opinion matters and should be addressed.

Rapport Leadership’s LB1 was a great experience. I feel I learned a lot about myself and the difference between making my life happen vs. it coming to me. The only downside is the first evening was so intense it was difficult to relax and “just go with it” for the rest of the modules. The staff is SO friendly and the food is great. The trainers are wonderful

I would compare Leadership Breakthrough One to therapy. In less than 24 hours, I had to face ALL my fears. I formed a bond with my team that I did not think was possible. I am more confident, I believe in myself, I can convey my messages better, and I learned the importance of family and coworkers, as they are my real world team. Thank you.

I have always viewed myself as a very effective leader, but after attending this course I now realize how much more I have to offer to my team and family. I look forward to applying to tools I have gained here and watching the personal and professional growth ahead. Thank you.