What to expect from Rapport Leadership Training

We get asked this question a lot! The outcomes from each of Rapport Leadership Training courses are very different. People are different and so is each class.

Each month – Rapport Leadership send a survey to class attendees. Here is what they had to say …

Rapport Leadership International transformed the way I view life. Life is no longer a race to suffer through, but a journey to experience, enjoy, an excel in. I want to live each day to the best of my ability, and empower others to do the same. I wish I had discovered the Rapport way in high school! JFDI!

First and foremost, this experience is having some great impact on my family already in the first couple of days of being back home.  I learned that I’m far away from been a great leader, but I learned a new set of tools which will help me move in that direction.  My team at work will see change on my approach and commitment to make them the next leaders, but my family will see the best benefits, as I will have a better life balance to enjoy life and spend more quality time.  I also will work on new friendships; for many years my work dedication has not allow me to keep in touch or have a social life. Bottom line is that I’m the one who has not allowed me to give love to others.  I’m committed to this new style, and I will utilize my 2546A family to accomplish this new goals.

Very eye opening and outstanding.  Helps put people lives back on track that they didn’t even know were off track.  Great self-realization courses.

This was a life changing experience.  I am a changed person and ready to concur my roadblocks.

Rapport Leadership International has transformed me.  The courses, the leaders, the co-leaders, the whole process, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and now that I have experienced that feeling, I always want to push myself to do the things I have always been afraid to do.  I have gone through a metamorphosis.  I went from being this little caterpillar that went into a cocoon and stayed there for 18 years!! Thanks to Leadership Breakthrough One, I exploded out of my cocoon with the confidence, passion, focus, enthusiasm, courage and the determination to never go back to that cocoon! Thank you!

It was a really good experience that will help me a lot in my life

Our trainer was amazing it open up so much they taught from the heart I will be a better listener and a better dad and husband

What graduates of Rapport Leadership have to say

When your company lets you know that they want to send you to a Leadership Course given by Rapport Leadership International – the first thing you do – is research the company online.

Who better to tell you what to expect from Rapport’s training than previous graduates of their courses!

Below are just some of the testimonials and reviews by actual graduates of Rapport Leadership International …

Rapport Leadership was an amazing experience that taught me how team, focus and showing emotion can have a tremendous effect on the outcome of a task, job, career and life. It changed the way I think about everything and gave me the confidence to do anything I put my mind to.

This was the hardest thing I ever did but it was also one of the most rewarding. The course reaffirmed what I already knew but was failing to do on a daily basis. My family will reap the rewards from this training.

Rapport is truly a life changing experience.  Not only do you become a better leader, you become a better person overall.

There is only one work to describe my experience with Rapport and the course I have taken. Phenomenal!

What an amazing experience!   I was able to identify areas in which I needed improvement and through Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough 2 was given the skills and confidence to understand and address those areas.   I am ready to take what I have learned and apply it to my job and my life.

Rapport Leadership has certainly been an extremely profession company to deal with. The training was outstanding and was exactly what I needed to get me to move forward in my life. I could not have asked for a better more timely experience than what I got over the past several days.

The Leadership Breakthrough training courses at Rapport Leadership International are the perfect spark for igniting new passion and enthusiasm in strong leaders, complacent leaders and future leaders alike!

Empowering and life changing


Review of Rapport Leadership Training

Many people who attend Rapport Leadership’s training are nervous. Sometimes they read the (very few) negative reviews online and mentions of Rapport Leadership being a cult or brainwashing bootcamp – and feel they do not want to go. The training is often part of their company’s preferred training programs so they feel an obligation to attend. Sound familiar?

The experience of attending Rapport Leadership Training is extremely unique. There is no course agenda – because it is not a typical course.

Below are a handful of honest reviews from course attendees (July 2013 – August 2013) after they attended Rapport Leadership’s training …

Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough 2 was a great course!  I had the opportunity to meet and be a part of an amazing group of people.   It is amazing what one can overcome when you take responsibility for your own actions and hold one another accountable. A truly amazing experience that opened my eyes to the wonders of the world when I focus and put myself out there!

Rapport Leadership has made me a better person, it has brought out the person I have always wanted to be, I just held back. I will not hold back from myself anymore. I will treat people like human beings, not just people. I course was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. I will honor what I have been taught for the rest of my life, I will pass on the word and represent Rapport Leadership the best I can.

Incredibly energizing and challenging course.   I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys living.

This was the most challenging class I have ever attended and participated in. I entered with an open mind and gave it a 100% what I gained from this experience is unmeasurable in my personal life as well as my professional life… Thank you Rapport Leadership International.

I highly recommend this course for women.  In my field, I work with mostly men.  This experience taught me it is ok to let my inner light shine.  I don’t have to conform to be successful.

What I expected was to be better at public speaking and communication and instead was torn down and rebuilt into a completely different man, the last 2 days after graduation have shown that this change will continue, I have spent most of the last 2 days reflecting on the class and am constantly amazed at what just happened! I am interacting with people I never would have, smiling and shaking hands and finding out just how beautiful people can be. I never realized how judgmental and close minded I was and am loving the opportunity to meet and see people for who they really are and show them love and kindness where in the past they never would have even approached me.

Honest reviews from students at Rapport Leadership

Rapport Leadership lit a fire under me that was missing for a long time.  My focus will change to what I will do and achieve.  My heart will be open.  My life will be more fulfilled.

I was changed when I attended Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough One , seeing how far I grew.  So coming into LEADERSHIP BREAKTHROUGH TWO, I was prepared to grow, but curious how we could grow much more in this area.  I was so not prepared to grow exponentially.  This is by far the greatest training I have ever been a part of.  I enjoy the real life application and ability to focus on how you work well with other people by first understanding yourself.  It is an experience I intend on giving to my children, so they can use these gifts for the rest of their lives.  I cannot thank Rapport enough for this unique and outstanding training.

Integrating insight into personal self-limitations with professional leadership characteristic focus was the most useful element of this impactful approach to leadership facilitation. I have seen and will use the insight into myself to defeat my blockages to reach my potential.

The hardest most challenging thing I have ever done, and yet the most rewarding and life-changing experience of my life. I loved Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough 1 and I cannot wait to come back for more courses! It has truly made me more confident, decisive, PUNCTUAL, positive, etc., and I am thrilled to have these tools to use for the rest of my life! Living my life as the better, new and improved ME! Thanks so much for everything!

Review about Rapport Leadership International

Are you researching for honest reviews about Rapport Leadership International? Would you like to know about the impact their courses have?

The day after a student graduates from one of its courses, Rapport Leadership International – asks for an honest review or testimonial about their course.

Here are just a few from the survey sent July – August 2013.

There is not a small concise answer for this question.  I feel I am so much better equipped to pull my office team together, mainly because I am standing taller and more solid than I have ever been.  I knew who I am when I came and now I am even clearer about who that is.  Thank you.

After attending Rapport Leadership’s Eagle Quest I have more confidence in myself after letting go of the lies that I have been living with.  I am stronger, beautiful, successful wife, mother and leader.  I am free!!!!

My time at Rapport Leadership International’s Leadership Breakthrough Two has been one of the most memorable experiences in my entire life. I faced many challenges and was able to go above and beyond to exceed expectations. This helped me look back on my life and learn from my experiences and go forward by focusing on the things that matter most to me.

It was amazing! After Rapport Leadership’s Leadership Breakthrough One, I felt like I did things I wasn’t capable of, and Leadership Breakthrough Two was 10 times more! Our group accomplished incredible things together and I learned that with the right leader and trust in your team that you can accomplish anything!

Rapport Leadership International’s training provided me with skills that I wish I had learned many years earlier.  Not only will I be a more effective leader and employee at work, I will be successful in all aspects of my life.  Rapport will show anyone how if they just trust the process!!! JFDI!!!

Rapport Leadership Reviews

Below are a handful of honest reviews about Rapport Leadership training. Each week – Rapport puts approximately 40 people from all walks of life through one of its leadership courses. At the completion of the course – Rapport asks its graduate for an honest review of the course. Below are just a handful from students who graduated between July and August 2013.

This has been a very emotionally intensive training.  However, the amount of self-realization, focus and breakthrough that inspired was unreal.  I enjoyed the course and I cherish the outcome of the course.  I will not hesitate to promote this training to all my friends and coworkers as I believe it will absolutely make an impact to their lives.

It has been 8 years since I last attended a Rapport Leadership class, Power Communication, 11 Years since Leadership Breakthrough II and 13 Years since Leadership Breakthrough I. I have been to over 80 Graduations and that has keep me on the Rapport trail, however I did forget how powerful a class can be when you are engaged and giving everything you have and getting everything you need. The Eagle Quest Class has a different core where I found acknowledging and growing your strengths can have a great positive results on one’s self and makes you really aware that you do not use your strengths all the time. I really got a lot out of the class and it was a great eye opening experience on how powerful a person can become with focusing on their strengths and not living by the demons control.  Once again I find myself greatly appreciative of people whom give everything of themselves, the Rapport Family. Making a difference one person at a time can grow and grow and grow.


As a Master Grad I thought I had taken myself to the highest level. I was wrong! Rapport Leadership’s Eagle Quest took me so much Higher! WOW!

Wow!  I am empowered.  I am a leader and will JFDI!  Thank you!!!!

Rapport Graduate Reviews

At the end of every course, Rapport Leadership Survey’s its graduates and asks for a testimonial about their experience.

Here are some candid reviews about Rapport Leadership Courses from graduates in August and September 2013.

I went to Rapport Leadership International’s training expecting to have an increase in confidence. I couldn’t have been more off. The three days spent training changed my entire life. I learned so much about myself, work ethics, family life, and the balance of all these. My confidence level is off the charts, public speaking conquered, and my work and home life on a new track. I now can empower others to get out of their comfort zones and step up to another level.  -Thank you

Rapport Leadership training is an amazing experience where you have the opportunity to push yourself to full potential – and feel inspired to “go the distance” both in professionally and personally.  I believe that everyone comes into Rapport Leadership for different reasons and from many walks of life. We enter into our commitment to training with a passion for change – we test ourselves to overcome very different and challenging processes and it is with an open heart and mind we leave training with a passionate and inspired belief in change, reborn in seeking all possibilities life has to offer.  Without Fear….  Rapport Leadership is forever imprinted on my heart, my life and my family – and it is an AWESOME experience, unlike any other.  My experiences during my last 4 classes at Rapport Leadership International – drive me to wonder – if I would step up to be a Rapport Trainer one day – leading those who need inspiration in their lives.

Rapport Leadership International is a very successful organization. It’s a life changer. I took Leadership Breakthrough 1 and it was exactly what I needed. The right shift in my life to make me one amazing mother and business owner. After attending my first course, I now plan to attend more and take this gift someone has given me and just run with it. I have made long time lasting friends. The people at Rapport Leadership International have heart and soul. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.