Weekly Leadership Book Review …

In order to be an effective leader – you need to be honing your skills. At Rapport Leadership we address the need to find your voice as a leader. This week’s book explores the importance of having presence in order to be a leader, regardless of title or authority.

Own the Room: Discover Your Signature Voice to Master Your Leadership Presence

Own the Room Book

People are drawn to and influenced by leaders who communicate authentically, connect easily with people, and have immediate impact. So how do you become one of them? How can you learn to “own the room”?

According to co-authors Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins, having leadership presence is having the ability to clearly articulate your value proposition while connecting (and influencing) with others.

So how do you get leadership presence and own the room?

The book states you need to do two things.

1) Demonstrate your authentic value and distinction

2) Connect to others in a positive way.

Leaders who do this have what these authors call a “signature voice”.

The framework of creating a Signature (Leadership) Voice is done through ACE (Assumptions, Communication and Energy).

This book takes the mystery out of the concept of having leadership presence. The book is peppered with case studies and examples, along with tool to help you really hone your skills in creating greater leadership presence.

Now if reading is not for you – the two Rapport Leadership Courses that teach you how to find your presence as a leader are Power Communication and Leadership Breakthrough One.


The leader within …


Google “leadership” and you will no doubt find articles about whether or not leaders are born or made. The conclusion that most reach is that they are made (or trained).

So what is leadership? There are hundreds of definitions out there – but put quite simply it is the ability to enroll and inspire others to head in your direction.

Enrolling and inspiring others to follow your lead – means becoming a great communicator.

When people ask to think of great leaders … they are often larger (and louder) than life.

However most communication occurs non-verbally.

According to experts, a large portion of our communication is non-verbal.  Every day, we respond to thousands on non-verbal cues and behaviors including postures, facial expression, eye gaze, gestures, and tone of voice.  From our handshakes to our hairstyles, non-verbal details reveal who we are and impact how we relate to other people.

Being present in the company of others – so you not only pay attention to what people are saying and not saying is an important skill that can be learned. Some call this active listening.

Luckily this trait can be learned. And it is essential in the toolbox of tools of any great leader.



Can you have leadership without rapport?

Not all leaders have rapport – but all great leaders do. The ability to build rapport is a skill many leaders know they must possess in order to get the very best out of their teams.


Peter Drucker said: Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.

However results in business cannot be achieved without people – and you get the best out of people when you have a rapport with them.

Prior to the presidential election, Mitt Romney famously said of Barack Obama “The president may be a nice guy, but he’s just over his head”.  So why did he win the election?

People do business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. Businesses are lead by people who build TRUST and RAPPORT.

What do you think? How important is the skill of rapport-building when it comes to leadership?